Lex's illiteracy is "Scandalous" Electricity before the Technos?
Pink or blue. Which is Zandra's right side? How many Bluebells?
Through the Looking Glass via Zoot's Police Car Tai-San's flip-flop hair
Jack & Salene: change and change again Time runs backwards on Hope Island
Double-goof: Ebony reversed and then... KC & Cloe forget that Lex went to Hope Island
Zandra loses her... whatever they are How fast does sound travel?
Jack & Dal recall what Ryan said... before he said it Zandra fixes her hair between rooms
Who rearranged Trudy's bed? Amber's Zulu knots rearrange themselves
Trudy threatens Bray with a knife made of plastic? Tai-San's dress straps cross over
Amber & Tai-San have old face designs for 1 scene Top-Hat's hat
Salene's hair clips change & back again The Satellite
A bloody gash to Ryan's head suddenly gets better  
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