Season 2 Ep35. Trudy has returned to the Mall, claiming to have escaped from the Chosen. The Mallrats fear they might come looking for her at any time. Ebony tries to shrug off recent failure and, in her eyes, humiliation, by stepping up her security role to the max, making everyone else's life hell. When Lex puts himself forward as head of security at the Mall (thus offering to take his old job back) Bray jumps at the opportunity to get rid of Ebony. She would then be free to concentrate on the City in general. She ignores Bray's decision for a while.
Lex finds Ebony examining the entrance grille. He reminds her that all security matters within the Mall are his concern now. She responds with sarcastic put-downs. Ebony moves on to Bray and Danni, interrupting and criticizing their smoochies. (As Willow might call it). And notice the wire around her head: it's moved up.