S2 Episode 18. Ebony wastes no time in e exploiting her new position as co-leader of the Mallrats, showing everyone who's the new boss around here. She starts by micro-managing the Antidote distribution. Ebony is in position outside where she can look for potential troublemakers. Patsy waits to hear her signal to tell Jack to raise the grille. Unfortunately the signal is mostly static, and the grille just might not stand up to the throng straining against it. Jack makes an executive decision to raise the grille anyway.
Patsy and Cloe walk with Jack back to his room. They know that Ebony is going to be mad at them, and Patsy dreads the consequences. Jack promises to take full responsibility.
And look! Cloe's face design has changed again!

S2 Episode 19
. The party is starting, to celebrate the signing by all the tribe leaders of the Bill of Rights. Patsy & Cloe try to persuade Tai-San to join in but she prefers to stay in her room. And Bob, who came with the girls, has found a comfy cushion and wants to remain with Tai-San. And this is how he gets poisoned instead of her...
Patsy and Cloe leave Tai-San and join the party. Here they are talking to Bray about Trudy, and whether they'll ever see her again. And once again Cloe's squiggly line has changed shape.