S5: Ep.10 In this point-scoring skirmish between Lex and Jack, Lex maintains that Jack's inventions usually fail miserably...
Lex   No offense Jack, but when I look back at your record, I mean there was the wind turbine—
Jack   That wasn't my fault
Lex   [Explains to May] It was a machine used for powering up batteries. That was one of Jack's better ideas
Jack   It would have worked if you hadn't stolen one of the parts
  This seems to be written by someone who has only had a crash course in the major events of Mallrat history. The fact is that Jack and Dal built a MKII version of the wind turbine and it worked spectacularly well. Whereas here, it's as if Jack himself has forgotten this, and concedes defeat and failure, which was only true of the MKI version.