Ep.16: Despite emphatic warnings not to from Pride, Bray and Ebony, Lex dons Chosen dress-up to visit his wife Tai-San at the Mall. As expected, the place is crawling with Chosen, and worse, just as he is about to make a surprise entrance on Tai-San, he is compelled to attend a special meeting called by the Guardian. On the plus side, he learns of the Guardian's decision to execute Trudy.
Recently Lex's face has had a new look, with 3 thick black lines down the entire left side of his face which replace the 5 or so thin black lines on the left of his neck and angle of the jaw.
And that's how Lex arrives to see Tai-San, with his new look, but wearing Chosen garb as a disguise. In fact he's the only one with a hood, so he is very conspicuous.
As he leaves the Mall, in haste, having learnt of Trudy's imminent execution, he has his old look again.
When he gets back to the Rebel base, it's the New Look once more.