Ep.47 For being bad, rebellious citizens, Jay and Amber are to have their memories erased.
May takes word to Liberty that Mega intends to erase the memories of Jay and Amber. Ram will use his super-powered computer to interfere with Mega's system and prevent the process happening.
To ensure that Mega thinks the procedure did work, Trudy is able to see them shortly beforehand. She tells them to play along, and pretend their memories have been deleted.
Mega assures Jay and Amber that they will become model citizens; she a better mother. The entire procedure is broadcast on CityNet.
At the end of it all, Mega asks a few simple questions to verify they have forgotten their names, where they are, even who he, Mega is. He then lets them go...
Mega's job is done and he allows them to go. Once away from any cameras, Amber breaks out in smiles. Ram did it! Unfortunately, Jay really has lost his memory.
So here's the Goof: Mega believes they have lost all knowledge of who they are, where they are. So what does he expect them to do now? They don't know where they live. The City will be an entirely strange place, even assuming they can find their way out of the Hotel. Wouldn't Mega arrange for an escort back to their friends at the Mall?
If I were Mega, I'd be following them on camera. Because Amber actually does remember everything, as soon as she starts walking toward the Mall I'd know the procedure hadn't worked and I'd get her back to repeat it.