And it's not only Ebony!!
Season 2 Ep.51. Ebony has sprung Alice from the Hotel room where the Chosen were holding her.
Alice's immediate plan is to warn everyone at the Mall. Ebony will have none of it. Her instinct is to head for the hills. So they clasp hands and wish each other good fortune, though Ebony predicts that Alice will soon be dead.
But Ebony cannot help herself lingering on a cliff top, just to see what will happen to Bray....
Season 2 Ep.52: So here she is, gazing down to the beech where Bray and the Mallrats have victory snatched from them when Chosen reinforcements arrive. She now has a 'fishnet' cloak thingy that she never had when saying good-bye to Alice. Did she find it on the way up to the cliff?
Then moving on into Season 3...
Season 3 Ep.1: In the blink of an eye, Ebony's long 'fishnet' cloak thing has morphed into a leather coat of about the same length, and it comes complete with a red shoulder bag. Miraculous! She watches from above as Lex drives a commandeered beach buggy onto the beach and makes a sneaky and successful rescue. With Bray now on board Lex takes off again, but overturns the vehicle after hitting a rocky ground. Lieutenant Luke and his handful of Chosen pronounce Bray and Lex dead and leave them in situ inside the wreck. By the time Ebony arrives on the scene, everyone else has gone.
And plenty other Mallrats suddenly acquire warm tops too...
The Guardian and the Chosen are in total command. The Mallrats surrender to their victory right on the beach. Back at the Mall they are contained and restricted to the ground floor common area by the fountain with no freedom of movement. They are not even allowed up to the Café the following morning for breakfast.
As an aside, I can't help wondering if they are allowed to go to the bathroom. Or if they allow Cloudy out for the same thing? Come on people! I don't believe I'm alone in speculating on comfort breaks.....
So how is it that many of the Mallrats now have warm clothing on top of what they had at the beach? Please Mr. Guardian, can I go to my room to fetch my coat? I don't think so.
On the Beach - S2   Held Prisoner at the Mall - S3

Sorry, this is the best pic of Tai-San
on the beach I could get