S3: Ep.30 The Guardian has called in his most trusted and ruthless Praetorian Troops. Their first job is to recapture escaped prisoner Luke. Security at the Mall is stepped up a notch or ten, and the fairly relaxed attitude towards the Mallrats gives way to restricted areas and intense interrogation of random bystanders for no reason.
Alice fears for the safety of everyone at the Mall and tells KC that their top priority is to find a way of escape.
The next scene takes us to the rebel base, but in between a quick succession of three buffer and cutaway shots:
The first reminds us we are in the City. Pointless, we already know that. The second shows the same footage of a loudspeaker van that we've seen so many times. Only the sound changes. This time it's an announcement that the Praetorian troops are now in charge. I guess that's so we know it's not just at the Mall. And then the bee-suit MKI robes, footage taken from S2. Ep.6. If this is meant to show the Praetorians storming through the City it's laughable. The Praetorians have grid-iron face helmets.
And so on to the rebel base where Ebony is hitting on Pride watched by jealous May.