Ep.31 Lex's new Scam - Virtual Games in Liberty
Conditions in the City are now so bad that many are choosing to leave. Some have ended up in Liberty. For now, Ruby is accommodating them in a (probably rat-infested) barn and providing them with blankets and basic food.
Lex has just been "busted" by Ruby for charging the refugees rent. As "punishment" she charged him rent, exactly equal to his takings. The refugees got a full refund.
Lex, ever the scheming con-man, has thought of an alternative and novel way to fleece the refugees. With Ram's help he has set up a virtual Casino, rigged of course so they can't lose.
But WHERE did they get the Paradise headsets from? Ram didn't bring any with him (when Slade rescued him semi-conscious from the rubbish tip. And Lex could hardly go back to the City for them, for fear of being lynched (again) by the Zootists. Besides, Java led a Techno raid on his Stash of headsets at the Luv-shack.