Season 3 Ep.1: So what happened to the other Central City Plaza entrance of the first 2 seasons? That aside, the first shot we see in Ep.1 (time=1 min.36 sec.) is the one on the left with "Wanted" posters of Lex and Bray on the porch pillars and the white structure nearby. Then later at 4 min.53 sec. we're shown the one on the right with no posters. Next time, no; next two times yes. Other differences are the cable reel / braziers / orange crates or door / wrecked vehicle / oil drum / windows covered over. And what's with the bubble-wrap hanging up there (or not) ?

Plus, why is there a Zoot spear propped against one of the pillars and at least a hood, maybe an entire robe, lying on the ground beside it? Did an extra leave his post and go home?