S3. EP.32-33: It was KC's hair-brained idea, but it worked! Having donned replica hat+googles+Jacket supplied by KC (No doubt taken from his fake merchandize scam stash), finished off with some red paint in Zoot's style, Bray fooled the Guardian into believing his god Zoot had actually returned from the hereafter. But instead of praise, "Zoot" condemns the Guardian for planning to destroy his (Zoot's) shrine - the place where he died, and abandoning the Great Mission. Tai-San coaxes the code from a very shell-shocked Guardian - the code to stop the countdown of the bomb he had planted.
Everyone heaves a sight of relief, and whoops of joy sweep through the Mall. Having taken off the headgear, Bray makes a short speech to mark the occassion.

But where's the shirt and tie? Tie - maybe. But Bray would have to have taken the jacket off to remove the shirt. And I doubt he'd then put the jacket back on again.
Bray still misses his brother, and dressing up like him has brought it all back - his death, his burial at sea.

So when did Bray find time (not to mention enthusiasm) to change his face back, and put the string vest on?