S4: Ep.35 Siva has left the Technos and Lex has brought her to the Mall, knowing full well that she will not be made welcome. He's not wrong.
Pride Lex!
Lex This is Siva. She's going to be staying here. She was thrown out. I had to risk my neck to get her bags out of the Hotel. We've got to give her sanctuary, Pride.
Pride No, Lex, we don't!
Lex She's one of us now
Pride One of us? You bring her in here and you're bringing in a spy.
Lex Who are you to lay down the law? You're not even a Mallrat!
Siva Look... this is obviously a bad idea. I'll—
Lex No, sweetheart. She's staying, Pride, I mean it.
Pride One step out of line - one step - and I'll show you the door personally.
I couldn't have put it better myself. Actually, I already have... The scriptwriters obviously know that Pride isn't a Mallrat. But Makeup & Hair department still insist on putting that pentacle on Pride's hand signifying he's a Mallrat.