S4: Ep.14 "Are you here? .... Are you here?..." Cloe and Mouse play Blindman's Buff. Cloe is blidfolded and waves her arms around trying to catch Mouse. Of course Cloe is stooping and keeping her hands low because Mouse is a very tiny girl!
Then in comes Ved looking for Cloe to return her Teddy bear. He cottons on immediately, and without speaking a word, stands still so that Cloe will find him. She still thinks she's looking for Mouse. Cloe find him of course, and knows immediately it's not Mouse.
BUT if she still thinks she's looking for Mouse, why are her hands no longer held low ready to make contact with a Mouse-size person? When she makes contact (with Ved) her hands are at about shoulder level. And that wouldn't work if it were Mouse because...
Here's a picture (From Ep.24). Cloe's hand's held out at shoulder level are way over Mouse's head!

Note. Mouse looks taller in the pic top-right because she's standing on the fountain.