Season 2 Ep.6: Right at the beginning of Ep.6 Tai-San stamps everyone's left hand with this characteristic pentacle design. Its purpose is to distinguish and protect all Mallrats. Protect? Everyone in the City will depend on the Antidote. So act against any Mallrat at your own peril. As such it would wash off very easily, yet this one doesn't. We even see KC and Alice returning (albeit briefly) in S5 still sporting it. So think of it more like a tattoo, except Cloud9 wouldn't be allowed to do real tattoos. I think this is a goof, but under the circumstances, a forgivable one. The real goof is the fact that some of the characters already had their Pentacles in Ep.5 before Tai-San came up with the idea.
Ryan Bray
Salene Danni