S5: EP.01 Mouse tries in vain to separate Sammy from his Paradise headset. This scene obviously took more than one take since Mouse's necklace can't make up its mind whether it is in or out.

  Sammy! [In Paradise, Sammy hears a faint, disembodied voice, like some spirit entity trying to break through]
Sammy   Huh? [Mouse wrests the headset from Sammy's head]

Mouse   Sammy, listen to me.
Sammy   What are you doing? Can't you see I'm busy? Leave me alone
Mouse   But I thought you'd want to know—it's all over
Sammy   What is?
Mouse   You know, Ram and the Technos. We've beaten them
Sammy   Beaten them in what?
Mouse   I mean we've defeated them. They can't boss us around any more
Sammy   You got me out of Paradise to tell me that? Listen, don't bother me unless it's something important. Come to think of it don't bother me at all.
    Mouse stares at Sammy in despair as he puts the headset back on