Darryl repaints his Face while on the run for the tunnel
In the countdown to a scheduled CityNet broadcast, Jack switches signal cables while Mega isn't looking. At a library in the suburbs Jay is ready to start the rebel broadcast. The scheduled broadcast begins, then fades to reveal Ebony. Prerecorded Ebony explains how Mega used Paradise to make her believe that Zoot was alive.
Then Darryl appears live in full Zoot dress-up. While explaining how he tricked many he removes his costume and makeup until he is just plain Darryl without makeup. While Darryl delivered his piece, Mega was busy tracking the source. And now the Technos are seconds away. Jay insists that Darryl must save himself and flee the City.
Goof: By the time he gets to the tunnel entrance his face has repainted itself back to Darryl.