Season 2 Ep.13. Ryan and Salene aren't getting along too well right now. (Did they ever?) Whoever gets to bed first, the other one finds an excuse to go do something else. Tonight, Ryan has the bed; Salene goes bingeing.
Ryan has had the simple black "tear-run" line under each eye for some time now. When he wakes up he has grown two more stripes, one green, the other blue. He is immediately concerned on seeing Salene's half of the bed still empty, and goes looking for her.
Ryan finds Salene and, oh look, those extra stripes have disappeared. Salene gives him an angry brush-off. In desperation Ryan asks Lex for advice (never a good idea). And those stripes have come back again!
Ryan isn't the only one with unstable facepaint...
At bedtime Salene was like this, with that grey-blue design enhancing her right eye - she's had that for some time now.
Salene just could not bring herself to go to bed with Ryan, so instead goes back to her old habit. She still has the blue-grey eye design as she starts her binge-fest.
Salene's binges always end in the sewers, affording privacy and a good place to barf it all up again. And while she's binging and barfing, she gets a new forehead design, plus an intricate white design down her entire upper arm.