Season 1 Ep.40
Bray is on trial, framed by Lex, for stealing water. Ryan is caught between loyalty to Zandra and unwillingness to see Bray unfairly thrown out. When Salene asks Ryan to share what's troubling him, he loses his cool. Feeling rejected, Salene heads back to Dirk and Roanne. Ryan soon realizes what's happened and goes in pursuit. He catches up with her at the gate just in time to save her.
Salene left the Mall wearing one type of hairpin, and arrives at Dirk and Roanne's with a different type
Ryan tries to stop her. She bites him on the arm, causing him to fall, badly. She chooses to attend to Ryan rather than give in to her bulimic cravings. On the way back to the Mall they pick up a stray piglet. Oh and look! The hairpins are back to the original kind. Funny that! And the wound to Ryan's head? The blood? Most of that mysteriously disappears too.