Ellie Introduces Wolf to Jack #1
Wolf   [to Ellie] How do you get the computer to work with no power?
Jack   [just arriving] Hello...[suspicious tone of voice]
Ellie   Here's how. This is Jack. He can do just about anything. Jack, this is Wolf.
Jack   What's going on?
Ellie   I'm interviewing Wolf for the paper. He's from up north.
Season 2 Ep39. Wolf comes to the City, and meets Alice and Ellie in the Market. His story is that has journeyed from the north after finding a copy of Ellie's newssheet giving details of the Market. He is a ventriloquist and hopes to put on a show and sell a few puppets. Ellie is immediately drawn to him, flattered that her Newssheet traveled 100 miles. She also hopes he can give her a story on the Chosen. She shows Wolf the computer she uses to put The Amulet together. He's very interested. Jack shows up; he is very jealous!
Ellie Introduces Wolf to Jack #2
Jack   Hi!
Ellie   Jack! Has Ebony let you out then?
Jack   Yeah, we heard about the party
Ellie   Great isn't it. You know Wolf?
Wolf   Hi Jack [Jack ignores his handshake offer]. You're a bit of a techie, right?
Jack   Well, scientist, actually
Wolf   There's a difference?
Ellie   I was just telling Wolf he's my hero, and this whole thing's down to him
Season 2 Ep40. Last night Wolf gave Ellie the story she was looking for, that the Chosen had disbanded. For KC this surely means his Rat Race, canceled by Ebony over security concerns, can now go ahead? Bray has no objections.
Wolf spots Ellie and makes a beeline for her. For now, he's her hero, and they get chatting. Dal and Jack show up, and Jack is jealous again. Ellie asks Jack if he knows Wolf.
So why are introductions necessary again, when they all met last night?