Ep.35 Jay talks with Siva
Jay has only just arrived in Liberty, and only now does he get a chance to talk and exchange news with Siva. Ebony is of course fairly high on the list.
Siva   So, how did you get here?  
Jay   Lex showed me the way  
Siva   Lex?  
Jay   Yeah, I saw him in the street on my way out. What kind of place is this Siva?
Siva   It's strange. Almost everyone who wants to get out of the City ends up here. Including my little sister!  
Jay   Hmmm. How is Ebony?  
Siva   So, what do you plan to do Jay? You're not exactly her favorite person.
Jay   Yeah, I know. The past is done. I mean, what's important is that we overthrow Mega. With Ebony's help.  
Siva   Easily said  
Jay   How do you think she'll react to me?  
Siva   I'm not sure. Tread carefully with her. She's been through a lot.  
Goof: I dare say the script had Jay meeting Lex in the street, but the fact is they met on a dirt path going over the hills. I don't think anyone would call it a street.
Goof: Jay's simple question, "How is Ebony", deserves a simple answer. And I think Siva gave one but if you listen to the audio carefully, it's fairly obvious that it was edited out. So what's left is rather strange.