Right from the get-go of S5 Ebony has been hallucinating - seeing Zoot - in the street, in the same room, when people with her see nothing. Street kids are also beginning to experience the same thing. We know that many of those have been playing Paradise. And Mega has been helping things along with a reproduction Zoot's Police Car making appearances throughout the City, complete with siren. But this doesn't explain Ebony. In Episode 4 we have this conversation between Mega (supposedly the new good-guy) and Java (the Big Bad).
Siva has fallen out with Lex since he has become obsessed with finding Tai-San, leaving Siva in the cold.
Mega   Figures! Lex is a Neanderthal, I'm surprised it's taken so long for her to sus him
Java   Siva's always been a sucker for the bad guys
Mega   You think she's ready to recruit?
Java   I don't think she's quite there yet. But I'm working on her
Mega   And we need to get to Ebony soon. I hit her with a massive dose in the Paradise Program. Would have fried most people's brains. But it's going to wear off unless we can top it up.
  So that explains it then! Mega dosed Ebony with Paradise.
The only time we've seen Ebony with any form of VR headset on was when she married Ram. The only people at the Mall who have had prolonged exposure to Paradise are Pride, May and Sammy. Only Sammy is still suffering the aftereffects. Mega has had no opportunity to put a headset on Ebony's head, and give her a dose, "massive" or otherwise.