Season 1 Ep.17. The Locos have captured Bray. Ebony is certain he knows where Zoot is, but he has resisted all attempts, including mild torture, to make him talk. He is now tied up and blindfolded. Ebony tries a different method. She cuts him loose, but before he can remove the blindfold, she hides under the railcar floor. She plans to follow him to discover where he hides out. Goof #1. Note the red cheek marking and ball-type earring. Both on her right.
Ebony follows Bray stealthily. And the facepaint + earring? On her left. En route, a tree helps her stay concealed. Pay attention to the tree.
She watches Bray go down the manhole into the sewers. And the marking + earring? Back on her right side. Pay attention to the tree. Ebony follows Bray into the Mall where Zandra is about to marry Lex. Zandra screams and Bob cuts off Ebony's retreat. The marking - still on her right.
Compare the two trees. They are the same, just a mirror image. The whole frame is a mirror image, so that takes care of why (or how) her cheek marking and earring swap to her left. But why? I suspect this was deliberate so we'd all think it was a different tree.
Episode 18. Goof #2 Ebony is caught and thrown in the cage. She still has that cheek design. Then Lex lets himself into the cage. There's a mock fight before the kissing.... Oh and look! The cheek design has gone and she's wearing a different design of earring.