Season 2 Ep.25: Everything's a go-go at the Mall. Salene's school for young kids, Danni's court, Bray's street cleaning program, Dal at the farm. When Tai-San showed an interest in an 'Amulet' that Dal's tractor had unearthed, he gave it to her. Later, when Ellie saw it hanging up in the Antidote lab. she took a liking to it. Tai-San, in her own mystic fashion, believed the Amulet had found Ellie, and freely gave it to her to wear. Jack's jealousy was aroused. In the afternoon the Mallrats held a meeting to keep everyone informed of all that is going on. And each time we see her, Tai-San's shoulder straps have changed position from the last time.
Tai-San gives the Amulet to Ellie
Jack questions Tai-San. He knows that Dal found the Amulet and suspects that he, not Tai-San, might have given it to Ellie
Tai-San reminds KC that the meeting is about to start
Tai-San at the meeting