There are two goofs surrounding Cloe's Teddy.
Goof #1
Cloe is telling her reflection in the mirror how wonderful life is going to be now that the adults have returned. The camera tracks round until you see both her back, and her mirror reflection. Then a flashback to Season 1. Then back to Cloe, original angle, but zoomed out a bit (right). See anything added? - on the bed? And I wondered why she's covering her front. Then I saw that her yellow "top" is no longer yellow - at least it's no longer the same color as the strap.
Goof #2  
Cloe returned to the Mall at the end of S3 once the Chosen no longer controlled the workforce at the mines. KC was the first to comment on her maturity, and she's anxious to prove, especially to Pride, that she's no longer a little girl. Inside though, she still loves her Teddy; it's her friend when she needs one.

But there's a problem with that teddy...
Cloe sold it at the Market in S2 to buy bones and pet food to attract that cute dog she and Patsy had seen roaming the streets near the Mall. It worked - eventually - and they named him "Cloudy".
S4: Ep.10 Cloe and Dee set Ved up to look a prize jerk, the laughing stock of both Virt and Techno alike.