Ep.52 Lex and Slade will attempt to knock out the generator that is powering mini-Zoot. The corridor leading to it is guarded by a very smart laser; and it won't be easy to outsmart it in order smash it of its mounting.
Fortunately they have a weapon available. It's a metal stand that Jay threw into the corridor to test the laser's abilities. A human would be dead. (Ep. 51). So there it lies.
Their strategy is for Slade to dive in first, then lurch to one side, into an open doorway. Lex follows close behind, dives down and over the stand, picking it up with his right hand as he somersaults back to his feet, then smashes the laser from its mount on the ceiling.
And the Goof: the stand we see as Lex is about to dive for it is perfectly straight. The one they see from round the corner is bent.