The Mall / Phoenix in Season One

The Mall / Phoenix in Season Five
S5: Ep.01 OK, so we know that the Mall that we all grew to love was needed for the making of Atlantis High, and they had to use a smaller studio for Season 5. They've tried to make it look like the original, but I reckon they failed. There used to be an outer grill, then an inner grille consisting of 7 sections. Now there's just 1 grille. Why did the Mallrats move the Café downstairs? Because the new Mall doesn't have an upstairs. The stairs are fake, they don't go anywhere. No cloud of fairy lights above the phoenix, and they couldn't even bother to centralize the phoenix in the trough.
Left is an establishment shot from S5.Ep.3. It looks like the original Mall.

That's because it is. It's footage from Season 1 used as an establishment shot to try and make us feel the Mall is still the old familiar Mall. Sorry, but it doesn't, and it isn't.