Beginning of S2

In Ep.5 when Bray spots Pride wearing Amber's ring, the whole scenario of her death comes into question. Dal decides to settle the issue once for all and heads for Eagle Mountain without telling the others. They of course guess and follow. As we know, Amber's grave is empty, and Pride's story gains credibility.
Now look at the rocks on the graves, comparing S2 with S3. To my eye they've got bigger, and the graves are higher and less spread out. I would expect the opposite to happen with time. And whereas Amber's cross looks about the same, the upright in Zandra's has changed shape.
Pride reluctantly takes Bray, Ebony and Dal back to his tribe where they find Amber very much alive, though now calling herself Eagle. When Bray busts into her treehouse demanding answers, she tells her story, how she found her own grave that day on Eagle Mountain shortly after the Mallrats had left. The flashback shows the two graves, and it is the new S3 version that we see, even though it is depicting what happened in S2.