Ep.38 Ram returns to Liberty with Java
In Ep.37 Ram "borrowed" Slade's motorbike (without asking) to keep an appointment with Java. She had become very disillusioned with Mega by now, and equally disillusioned with her role in his grand scheme for the City. Ram had arranged to meet her at the City dump. Meanwhile Slade is furious that Ram has stolen his bike.
Now that Ram can walk, Java sees him in a whole new light, with infinitely greater possibilities than before. They stay the night in a barn, or stables, with Slade's bike parked outside. In the morning he describes their first night together as "Paradise". While Lex is talking to Darryl, Ram emerges from a nearby building. He has returned to Liberty. Seconds later Java also comes into the open. And look! We can see Slade's bike parked a short distance from the open door.
Goof: Is that building on the left, the barn/stable in a field where Ram and Java passed the night, meant to be the same building as the one on the right from which Ram and Java emerge in the morning? Sorry, but they are nothing like.
But I think we are supposed to believe they are somehow one and the same...
Shortly before the showdown between Ebony and Java, Java prepares herself in the stables. First Ram, then Slade go there to try and persuade Java to call off the feud. We see an exterior shot of the stables. (yes, it's the same as top left, minus Slade's bike). Then we se the interior...

Java gets ready for the fight is in the stables. First Ram, then Slade ask her to call the feud off Exterior
I believe the two shots are indeed the same structure. The number of planks of wood, the construction of the fence etc. But it's still in a sloping field, not at all resembling Liberty which is flat. So they needed a stable, didn't have one at the Liberty set, so had to use something somewhere else.