S2 Episode 21. Since wrecking the plan to rescue Trudy and Brady, Lex has taken refuge in his room, drunk most of the time. Ryan feels responsible for him, and Salene offers to try and get through to him. At first she seems to succeed, instilling confidence and a new hope. Lex starts to believe in himself again. But then he comes on to her, trying to kiss her. She breaks free and runs to her room. Ryan knows instinctively what just happened. He reacts by threatening to throw Lex over the balcony. Bray resolves the issue, backing Ryan up 100%, and orders Lex to leave the Mall.

But look at the Pentagram on Salene's left hand. She has it while with Lex, but not when sitting with Ryan, or else it's extremely faint to the point of invisibility, then has it again when Lex is thrown out. It's still very faint even then. Maybe Salene went to the bathroom before the scene with Ryan and accidentally washed it off?
And then they go back to their room and start kissing.

And it's gone again...