S2 Episode 17. Ebony has just blackmailed Bray into making her co-leader of the Mallrats. Bray calls everyone to the Café to hear the announcement. It's a very unpopular move, and Bray hates doing it. The vote goes through only because Bray insists it must, and a few, including Danni and Tai-San, are against it.
As soon as Bray has made the announcement, he leaves the Café obviously deeply troubled. Danni follows him to his room to demand an explanation. On the way her face design changes a little.
S2 Episode 19. After checking that Tai-San is out of the way in the Café, Ebony was planning to poison Tai-San's Antidote dose, but runs into Danni instead. So the poison will have to wait. Danni has prepared the final version of the Bill of Rights, ready for signing by the tribe leaders. Ebony insists on seeing it first, and while she scrutinises it, Danni and Bray have to wait patiently - which is what it's all about. And the long wait seems to have changed Danni's face design a little.
S2 Episode 21. And similarly when Danni is put on trial, having been framed by Ebony for attempted murder. In fact it was Ebony herself who put poison in Tai-San's Antidote.
Danni in the dock Bray gets a 5-minute recess during which time
he learns about Danni's father
And when she's in the cage waiting for
the jury to reach a verdict we have variation #3