Ep.03. Mega's alphabetical list isn't quite so alphabetical
With the Technos defeated, Amber was half expecting Bray to have made his way back to her by now. Because he hasn't she and Jay ask Mega to look him up on the Techno database. Mega tries (and fails) to convince Jay it's not a good idea.
Mega brings up a list of missing persons. They are all "A"s. Mega prematurely declares that "Bray" isn't listed and clears the screen. Jay knows Mega is stalling and interrogates the database himself. He brings up the list of "B"s. Bray is listed. Unfortunately Jay discovers that Bray has been "DELETED".
But let's have a look at the computer-sorted alphabetical lists...
Doesn't 'i' come after 'c' ?
'Achaime' shouldn't be before 'Achab'
The list that Mega brings on screen
Below is the list that Jay gets on screen. Note, this is two shots spliced together to show how it would have looked if the screen had been taller.
*   *
* "Blaine" has already been listed.   See! Even same code number
All these should be    
listed BEFORE "Bray"    
The list that Jay brings on screen