Ep.20 Ellie brings Jack a drink, and they sit and talk for a while, mostly about Gel's sudden crush on him. Strange! The scene has obviously been edited, because Jack's first line in response to Ellie's is non-sensical. And the fact that the camera changes angle at that point is another give-away.
Jack   Thanks [for the drink]
Ellie   Any word on Amber?
Jack   No... [*]
Look Ellie, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, OK?
Ellie   It's been such a weird day...

* Here the camera angle changes, and Jack changes mood and pace all of a sudden - in the time it takes for the camera to switch! What bridge? If Ellie had asked "What if Amber never recovers?" Jack's response would be appropriate. But if that was in the script, it was edited out.