Ep .21 Mega's latest strategy to "protect" the City is an electric fence to keep the Zootists out. Jay doesn't like it but accepts there's no alternative...
Jay   Why so aggressive? Why so rough?
Techno   The new regime starts tomorrow
Jay   I know, I inspected the fence this morning
Techno   Then you'll also know that it's gonna take a helluvalot of power to keep that turkey cooking
Mega shows Jay the initial section of the new fence, demonstrating its power by throwing a metal can at it. There's a shower of sparks. Mega makes reference to the large amount of extra power that will now be needed. Later at the Mall Jay is appalled to find three Technos have moved in uninvited and are manhandling everyone. The explanation is that a people are required to work at the power plant to meet the huge power demand of the new fence.
Goof: It sounds plausible that the electric fence will need lots of power. But that's a fallacy. It may be very high voltage, but the only time it will draw current is when someone touches it. So the power requirement is very small.