S5: Ep.02 Mega might have consigned Ram to the City Dump, but Ram has a trick or two up his sleeve. Soon the entire power supply to the City shuts down. When Mega tries to restart it, he discovers that the computer system has been programmed to shut the power off unless fed Ram's password on a regular basis. But when Mega looks for Ram at the Dump, he's gone! Without power, the kids hooked on paradise are becoming cranky...
Lex hopes to find Tai-San, and shows a photo to a bunch of kids
Kid#1   Hey Lex—we haven't seen you around much
Kid#2   Not unless you've got something to sell
Lex   Well now you've seen me
Kid#1   Maybe because the stuff you're hawking is no good—Like these helmets
Lex   That's not my fault. In case you haven't noticed, there's been a power failure
Kid#2   So what are you going to do about it?
Lex   Just be patient! — GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!
I agree. The headsets are plugged into a computer, and the computer needs power. At the Mall Sammy is becoming quite nasty to Mouse, who's most concerned that he's lost all interest in everything else, including personal hygiene!

The Goof? We've seen loads of Paradise users with their headsets plugged into, well, nothing...
Back in Ep.01, as Amber and Pride emerge from the Hotel after winning the battle against the Technos, they are saddened to see Ram's legacy all too apparent – Paradise-addicted kids. But where is their power coming from? More to the point, where do their headsets plug in? At the Casino we saw everyone plugged into an iMac each. The two kids above have their headset cables going through the car window. And then what? It's a derelict car. The battery would be totally flat by now (4 years since the Virus?) or more likely stolen. Cloud9 didn't think this one through.