S4: Ep.20 Ram insists on showing Ebony the marvels of his VR game. The end result is that she "sees" Amber (whom she had exiled from the City) in VR and takes personal offense that she (the computer generated Amber) attacked her. Before this revelation Ram & Ebony take out a plethora of attacking virts.
Batch 1:
All destroyed
Batch 2:
All destroyed

Is it my imagination, or are all the virts in batch 1, which Ram and Ebony just destroyed, come back to life in batch 2 just a few seconds later?

In another game maybe. But if they can just unzap themselves a few seconds later, the game would never be over! Like those magic candles you can't blow out.
And then, as we all know, Amber pops up and Ebony zaps her.