Season 2 Ep.52: The Mallrats and other City tribes battle the Chosen at the Hotel and force them to retreat. They regroup on the beach, hotly pursued by the Mallrats led by Bray. We see the Guardian leading his followers in orderly fashion through the City. But there's something strange here...
When they arrive at the beach, they are back to normal.
The Chosen
look completely
different here.
Their hoods are triangular at the front and look much like bee-suits. The Guardian has something resembling a mini scarf down his chest, while his followers have something similar. The Guardian's purple sash is missing.
So what's happening here? But wait! Haven't we seen the Chosen like this before - when they first arrived?
Thought so! They've used footage from Ep. 6 when the Chosen first arrive in the City. At bottom RH corner is the flimflam con artist rather worse for wear after being interrogated by the Guardian in Ep.6. The first few frames that show him are removed for the repeat showing in Ep.52.