Season 1 Ep.43. Both Cloe and KC are present when Bray and Amber talk to everyone about Hope Island, who will be going, and why they need to go there. KC even makes fun of Zandra for believing the place is haunted!
KC takes advantage that all three leaders, Bray, Lex & Amber are absent to go to the Casino. There he loses his poker game, and comes back to the Mall to steal more of Jack's batteries to trade for more gaming chips.
KC runs into Cloe:
Cloe   KC - where've you been?
KC   Nowhere - where's Lex?
Cloe   Don't know - wanna play?
KC   No
It's just about possible that KC might think Lex and the others should be back already, but everyone at the Mall is only too aware, and very concerned, that Lex, Amber and Bray are long overdue. That includes Cloe.