Ep.47: The dual weddings - Ryan to Salene, and Lex to Tai-San - have been announced all of a sudden, and taken everyone by surprise. Tai-San already has a wedding ring (for Lex to give her) that belonged to her mother. Ryan on the other hand must find one for Salene. Unexpectedly, KC seems to think this is no problem at all.
KC takes Ryan to the local bar and tells him to wait outside. Inside KC asks for his "usual"...
And as usual, KC has no money and asks to be billed on account. No can do! So KC offers to show her a trick that will make her lots of money. She's skeptical, and rightly so, but goes along with KC for now.

And the next thing we see is KC hurtling out from the bar. He gives a ring to Ryan for safe keeping, then legs it. Seconds later comes the girl in hot pursuit.
Now this girl behind the bar has a collection of rings - on both hands. KC just needs one! His "trick", that he offers to demonstrate and will make her rich, is to make an object "disappear". And for his demonstration, KC will need "something small, preferably round, and metal... like a ring or something." (Rikki, for that's her name, really should have smelled a rat by now...)
Comparing, images, KC must have stolen the ring she had on her thumb. So we can expect Salene's ring to look like that one.
And Salene's Ring?  


Do they look the same?