Ep.36 Strange Dialogue between Amber and Mega, and then with Trudy
To understand this one, it's important to recap on certain events in the last two days. The relevant events concerning the Goofs are marked and . Events markedare included only for completeness.
The day before (Ep.34,35):
Lex is traveling from Liberty to the City. On the way he meets Jay who is hoping to find Ebony. Lex sends him to Liberty.
Salene crosses into the safe zone with May. They watch Amber's "presidential broadcast" in praise of Mega's peaceful City
Lex arrives back at the Mall. Gel hugs him, and later she invites him to dinner
Lex tells Amber and Trudy about his chance meeting with Jay. (Amber already knew he planned to find Ebony and form an alliance with her). Trudy is most put out that Jay didn't send any message for her.
Salene and May return. Amber puts May on probation
Mega gives Jack a tour of Techno HQ and wants to discuss a possible role for him over dinner that night
Lex asks Jack to steal some software from Mega. Jack & Ellie refuse
Jack has dinner with Mega who asks him to build a system for punishing offenders
During their candlelit dinner, Gel falls asleep from wine and Lex puts her to bed

Amber reads through a broadcast script at the Hotel, written by Mega. She learns from Java about Jack's involvement in Mega's new Punishment Show
At the Mall, Jack is careful not to reveal Mega's assignment
May moves in with Salene
Amber returns from the Hotel and Jack has no option but to tell everyone about the Punishment System
Lex hits on May. Gel is jealous
Ellie is furious with Jack, but listens to his explanation and forgives him
Gel is furious with Lex and tells him about May's treachery. (The Mallrats threw her out.)
Amber is putting Baby Bray to sleep when Mega appears right behind her...
Mega   Ooh! I hope I didn't startle you
Amber   What are you doing here?
I didn't see you at all today at the Hotel, is everything all right?
Amber   Everything's fine
Mega   And you have everything you need?
Amber   Yes, thank you
Mega   Good - good. Well I hope I didn't disturb you. And I'll remember to knock next time
Trudy is coming in as Mega leaves. They almost collide. Trudy immediately asks Amber about Mega's visit
Trudy   What did he want?
Amber   If I knew it wouldn't worry me
Trudy   Did you ask him if he'd seen Jay
Amber   No, of course not
  Amber, why not, I mean he could have been seen by his camera or something, at least that way I'd know he was still alive. You know I'm going out of my head worrying about what's happened to him
Amber   Trudy, take it easy. Jay knows how to look after himself
Trudy   I'm scared that I'm never going to see him again
Amber   You'll see him again. Count on it.
Goof: I mean WHAT is this all about?
Trudy knows that Jay is alive and well and heading for Liberty to hook up with Ebony because Lex only told her so yesterday.
And if Mega didn't remember giving Amber another broadcast script only that morning, I think she would have reminded him.
Either very flaky script, or the scenes have been edited in the wrong sequence. Either way, it's very poor.