Ep.28: Despite Tai-San's warning dream, backed up by Luke's advice to hold the ceremony in private, the Guardian insisted that her ordination should be held in public. As in her dream Lex fired the crossbow. Unlike the dream, but forewarned by it, she intervened to take the hit herself. Fortunately she was not seriously hurt and she's now recuperating in bed.
May brings her tea, but as soon as May has set down the tray the Guardian comes in and orders everyone else out of the room. The Guardian is full of praise for Tai-San's remarkable qualities, and envisions a great future. Tai-San becomes visibly disturbed as the Guardian proceeds to describe how he will conquer the whole world.
As the Guardian launches into his plan for world domination the camera angle changes.
We also see that the room has also changed:
Look at the original scene with May bringing tea. To Tai-San's right there is a window. In the corner a white lilly. In the back wall the door where the Guardian enters.
As the camera angle changes, the window has moved to the back wall and the door has gone. No white lilly. And as the camera follows the Guardian to the right, we see....
The teapot and two cups on a tray have disappeared.