Ep.35 Gel lights candles for a Romantic Dinner with Lex
When Gel invited Lex to dinner that morning, he'd only just been woken up, and it took a while to realize, with a few pointers from Sammy's, that she had just invited him for a date. Lex wasn't madly thrilled, and neither was, or is, Sammy, who has had his eyes on her for a while now. And that's why Sammy is hanging around while Gel lights the candles.
Job done! Gel blows out the taper. We hear quite a loud <blow> sound, far louder than reality (no doubt added by the Foley Artist at post production); and we certainly see the flame carried in the direction of her breath. Then as we see on the right she puts the taper down. The picture is obscured by Lex as he walks in, but I've shown the last frame before the taper disappears below the shot. It's definitely still alight.
So the Goof here is that her blow did NOT put out the flame, as you can plainly see as she puts it down. In real life, a real person would have another go; maybe put the taper closer to her mouth; maybe blow at the flame instead of over the top of it as Gel seems to be doing.