Season 3 Ep.1: Following Lex's driving accident, Ebony finds that Bray and Lex are still alive, and not dead as Luke and the Chosen assumed. She attends to Lex first, who jokingly asks for a kiss, and releases him from the vehicle. Behind her we see Bray, still with a helmet on, lying unconscious. Lex helps Ebony to get Bray out and haul him off the beach and into the forest. They need to put distance between themselves and any subsequent search for them by the Chosen . Lex then splits, leaving Ebony to look after Bray on her own.
Bray wakes the following morning to find Ebony still tending to his injuries. But I have to ask, what injuries? He looks fine to me. I thought the whole point of wearing a helmet was to protect the head from injury. But if we are meant to believe that somehow his head did get injured, I would have thought the makeup department could have applied some bruises, and cuts, and maybe a little blood?