Ep.40 Gel, Lex, Amber, Trudy - they can all hear the bust-up coming from Jack & Ellie's room. Ellie hates how Jack is now collaborating with Mega. In the Café, Lex does a mock commentary, in the style of a boxing match...
  Trudy   Lex, it's not funny
  Lex   I know, it's tragic!
  May   Yeah, whatever happened to those two? They used to be all over each other
They all hear Ellie's voice from the next room:
I'm sick of the sight of you
Gel   Yeah, maybe too much all over each other!
  Trudy   Jack and Ellie were so good together though. I mean if they can't make it work-
Gel   Live with a guy: get to see all his disgusting habits. Let a guy get away from you, and who knows what he's up to. Oops! I didn't mean Jay...
As a result of the angry fight with Jack, Ellie goes to see Mega, to tell him just what she thinks of him. That was some time ago.
The Mallrats watch CityNet. They learn that Ellie is to be the first subject in the new punishment system - the one that Jack had a large part in creating.
  Sammy   They're gonna to punish Ellie, on CityNet
  Lex   This is sick!
  Trudy   I knew we shouldn't have let her go out, we should have stopped her
  Sammy   This Punishment Game, Jack invented it
Gel   Jack wouldn't harm Ellie—would he?
Lex   If you'd heard them this morning - there's no love lost there
Goof: There's no doubt whatever that Gel heard the fight between Jack & Ellie, and the consensus of opinion at the time was that their relationship was pretty much over.
According to this converstion later in the same day, Gel didn't hear the apparent breakup fight because she wasn't there, and Lex has to tell her what she missed.
So did Gel forget what she heard earlier, AND Lex forgot that Gel was listening with everyone else?
Or is it the scriptwriter who forgot who was where, and who heard what?