Season 2 Ep39. When Alice offered her services to Tai-San as her bodyguard, she appointed Dal to manage the farm for her. This was way back at the beginning of S2. Tai-San now no longer needs a bodyguard, now that she has packed away her Antidote-making equipment. Yet Alice shows no sign of moving back to the farm, other than an occasional visit, and Dal is fulfilling a lifelong dream of being a farmer.
Jack joins him at the Farm, or more like seeks sanctuary. He's been working at the Hotel for Ebony, and fears for his life after installing a listening device on instruction from Bray. He tries to persuade Dal to form a freelance partnership - they would offer their technological know-how to anyone who needs them. In fact Jack is desperate to avoid further contact with Ebony. Dal has other commitments, and dreams. He shows Jack some plans he has been working on:
"It's a plan for a new set of out-buildings. I told Amber once I was going to make this a model farm - for the future. She told me people were never meant to live in the cities. This is my dream."   What's wrong here? It's Alice's family farm. Bray, Lex, Jack and Dal once came here in S1, looking for fresh food - a pig, vegetables, and cider - for Lex & Zandra's wedding. Their first impression of Alice and the farmgirls was they were not to be messed with. They referred to her subsequently as the "pig-woman". Amber never met Alice, or knew the location of the farm. It was only in S2 that the Mallrats got to know Alice better, and she appointed Dal as her manager.
In Season 1 when Amber was around, there's no way Dal would be making plans for a certain family farm belonging to the formidable "pig-woman" they happened to trade with once.