Sammy's X-O-X forehead design
Technos search the Mall for Sammy whose name appears on the new work-schedule. In panic he explains his situation to Jack & Ellie before fleeing the Mall.
He lies low in the City, at one point hiding behind a car. But he's spotted.
Two Technos haul him to the new security perimeter and dump him in the Zootist zone.
Goof: Sammy's X-O-X marking, in particular the horizontal line linking them.
Sammy wasn't in the Zootist zone long. Mega located him and brought him back to the Mall.
In Ep.23 He is still avoiding work at the power plant... Also note his new forehead design and new top, blue instead of red.
Amber finds him under his bed. He accepts her offer to join the work crew with him. The X-O-X design is now 3 stars, top orange, bottom green. Amber gets firsthand experience of being herded like cattle by the Technos. They are on their way with many others to the power plant. Still the two-tone star design.
Goof: At the power plant Sammy's got his original X-O-X design back, plus the red top. Who thinks this is footage taken from Season 4?
Me for one!
Sammy keeps his new two-tone star triplet for some time. But Cloud9 makeup dept. don't always get it quite right, as In Ep. 29...
Sammy wakes up bleary-eyed and joins everyone to watch the CityNet broadcast assigning duties to the Tribes and outlining the new anti food hoarding policy. And maybe whoever applied the orange and blue was also bleary-eyed? Not to worry. When Sammy alerts everyone that "They're here—They're here—They're here—They're here— " [Meaning a bunch of Technos have arrived], those stars on his forehead now have the orange on top as normal.
And again in Ep.30...
Sammy drops in to see Jack who is making a detector to find the "bugs" that Mega has planted. Orange is back at the bottom. And the same when he watches a CityNet broadcast with Gel.
Then the orange is back on top when he's in the Café with Gel.
Ep.32. Jay has been detained by Mega at the Hotel...  
Sammy comes to tell everyone to go see the news flash on CityNet. Sammy's stars are orange at the top. They all move to the next room to watch. And Sammy's stars are now orange at the bottom.
But then in Ep.35 Lex returns to the Mall with news from Liberty.
Sammy looks on bemused as Gel gives Lex a big hug! As Lex gives an account of his travels, Gel hangs on his every word. Sammy has the usual orange-topped star triplet Sammy advises Gel not to trust every tall tale told by Lex. And Look! Sammy has reverted to his original green X-O-X.
Sammy keeps the green X-O-X for the following scenes at the Mall:
Salene returns (Yay!) bringing May with her (Boo-hiss-traitor). Salene defends her and insists she be allowed to stay.
May and Salene talk privately. Salene overrules May's doubts about staying.
But then...
Sammy and Gel creep up on sleeping (snoring) Lex. Gel wakes him. And Sammy has the orange-topped stars back.
And in Ep.36...  
Sammy has been helping Gel to tidy her room, and dissuade her from chasing after Lex With most everyone in the Café, Trudy is the latest to try and extract information from Jack about his new role in Mega's plans. Sammy is only slightly interested. Oh and look! He's got the X-O-X design back.
A trader dangles a locket in front of Sammy that he'd so LOVE to give as a present to Gel. But first Sammy must do something for the trader. The trader hands over a bag of "merchandise" that Sammy knows full well is smuggled games/DVDs and highly illegal. Once you get rid of them, bring me the loot. All of it. And you can have the locket, and maybe, that special someone.
May comes in to ask if he's seen Salene recently. Apparently not. May continues her search of the Mall...
As May is thinking further afield than the Mall, she encounters Sammy again. He needs a girl's perspective on 'Suppose a guy gave you a present..' He's still carrying the trader's bag, contents easily visible, and May gives him a parental lecture on the illegality and hazard of being in possession.
Goof: well, I don't need to point it out. But in this same episode it keeps happening...
Sammy sells the trader's merchandise and gets that coveted locket. Stars The same day, Gel returns to the Mall after a short stay in Liberty. She immediately starts taking advantage of Sammy's obvious 'hots' for her. X-O-X
Episode.40. Sammy has the X-O-X design for the most part of Ep.40. Lex has noticed that Gel is treating him like a slave, and has just advised him to play hard to get, so she'll appreciate Sammy more.
When Gel tries to start a conversation, Sammy responds disinterestedly and walks away in an I've-got-better-things-to-do kind of way. Gel catches up with him, he's reading a magazine and continues to act disinterested. Gel calculatingly returns the locket, says it's not real gold, and thinks she'll go talk to Lex instead. Magic! Sammy's back on board answering her beck and call. Goof: back to stars.
The promised CityNet "Pain Game" starts. Sammy is excited to see Ellie. Look! There she is!
Goof: Back to X-O-X
There's more of the same as the episodes go by, and I'll admit I got a tad bored and let them go. But then in Episode 46 this happens...
EP.46 Sammy chances upon one of Salene's bottles and thinks he'll impress Gel by sharing it with her. It's evidently powerful stuff and Gel stops after one (disgusting) sip. But to prove himself "a man" Sammy drinks the entire bottle. He soon collapses to the ground unconscious. Gel fetches a pillow to put under his head. Salene understands way better than Gel the danger to Sammy's life. She improvises a stomach pump and pours in salt water. It has the desired effect.
Goof: while he's unconscious, Sammy's forehead design changes, X-O-X to stars, yet one more time.