Season 2 Ep30. Patsy and Cloe have both become infatuated with Dal. The best friends soon became rivals and sworn enemies, though we all know they'll make up in the end. Cloe decides to go to the farm to be with Dal. Patsy insists on going too, though Cloe does her best to stop her.
Along the way they have a fight. Cloe seizes Patsy's feather boa, and yanks it right off, before chucking it to the ground. Patsy DOESN'T stop to pick it up, but they both keep marching toward the farm. Alice, who is with Dal, spots the girls from a distance and gives Dal a heads-up to escape the situation. Patsy has the feather boa. OK, she could have gone back for it, but it really didn't look like she was going to do that.