Jack I should relax Zandra, they're not going to be back for hours yet
Zandra That's easy for you to say. If anything happens to Lex I'll be a widow
Jack Hey, don't worry, you would look great in black!
Trudy Jack—
Tai-San Don't be so negative, Zandra. Remember, we've got to keep sending them positive energy
Jack Yeah, why don't you just wave your magic wand?
Tai-San Jack, I'm being serious
Jack Hey, so am I, there's no scientific basis for that stuff
Tai-San You're just showing ignorance because you—can't—[Tai-San sneezes]
Trudy Bless you!
Zandra Tai-San, you sneezed. That's the first sign
Tai-San No, it's just the dust in this place—gives me hay fev—fever [Tai-San sneezes]
Season 1 Ep.42. This is Classic Cloud 9! While the camera is on someone else, Tai-San's hair flips forward - then back - forward - then back.