S4: Ep.27 - Ram and the Technos are fast restoring the technical infrastructure that was lost after the Virus. First came electricity, now comes CityNet, the equivalent of cable TV or internet webcasts. Its very first broadcast was a VR contest set in a computer generated Romanesque amphitheater. The two Gladiators fighting to the death were Lex and some barbarian. Lex won. Then into the ring came Lex's 2nd opponent, Java. With a little CG trickery, she won. Ram, thinking himself to be "Roman Emperor", settled the matter between a 50-50 vote, and decided he should live.
And now the goof. Remember that everything that appears on the CityNet-connected screens is supposed to be computer generated. Hence Lex is simply wearing an interface on his head connected to a computer. The entire amphitheater scene, complete with spectators all dressed in togas, are meant to recreate Roman history.

So what, I ask myself, is that TV or radio antenna doing up there near top left corner?