Siva's Face Sparkles
Siva is the one person (other than Slade) who is trying to help Ebony. Obviously Mega and Java regard her as a threat to their operation.
Mega gives the order for Siva to be brought in for questioning. As he is taken from the school Siva has four sparkles.
By the time they get her to Techno HQ for questioning she only has three. When Java is about to push the button that will fry her brain, Siva tells them what they want to know. Her mystery visitor is called Slade.
Of no further use to them, Siva is taken to the Zoo and locked in a cage. She has four sparkles again.
Lex pulls a stunt that enables him to escape from the zoo with Siva. They are now on the run...
There's only one place Lex knows where they can hole up for the night - his Luv-shack. And here, on the run, Siva still has those four sparkles she had at the zoo. Siva gets the bed and makes Lex sleep on the floor. She wakes up feeling relaxed and refreshed, and with six sparkles.