Ep.27 Father Francis is on the prowl
Salene has agreed to help Mouse find the Eco Tribe where she wants to make a new life. As they settle down for the night they do not realize the Eco camp is actually quite near. But as they sleep, someone is on the prowl...
Who is this guy? The Ecos don't dress like this. A Chosen? This is never explained. But I know who he is... Before The Tribe, Cloud9 made a few other things, one of them The Enid Blyton Secret Series. The first story Is The Secret Island. Four kids, two of whom we will later know as Ellie and Zoot, camp out on an island. And there, in a concealed cave lives an ornithologist-monk who befriends the children. His name, Father Francis. See what you think. Below I've captured the frames that best match those above. But these are from The Secret Island.
So what's a character from Enid Blyton doing in The Tribe?